Pattaya Dolphin World

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Pattaya Dolphin World



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Opening Hour
Every day 09.00 am. - 06.00 pm.

Show Time
Mon-Sun: 09.00 hrs., 11.00 hrs. 13.00 hrs. 15.00 hrs. 17.00 hrs.

Swimming Time:
Mon-Sun: 09.45 hrs., 11.45 hrs., 13.45 hrs., 15.45 hrs., 17.00 hrs.



Pattaya Dolphin World welcomes everyone to explore the cuteness of dolphins. Enjoyable dolphin shows are served there to impress all visitors. Throughout the shows, the adorable, intelligent Irrawaddy Dolphins will give you happy smiles, huge enjoyment, and great exhilaration through their exciting performances. The exclusive highlight offered is that you are enabled to swim and joyfully play with the dolphins! Beside the dolphin shows, there are extreme activities to do, such as gun shooting, simulated rock climbing, and ATV riding.
Let's discover how cute and brilliant dolphins in Pattaya Dolphin World are!

Pattaya Dolphin World is a family-friendly attraction for people of all genders and ages. It is the only attraction providing dolphin shows in Pattaya city. There are 5 rounds of dolphin show per day. Each round takes approximately 45 minutes. The activities provided beside the dolphin show are listed below:
1. Swimming with dolphins
2. ATV riding
3. Horse riding or horse carriage
4. Gun shooting
5. Simulated rock climbing
6. Tin toy zone
7. Cowboy zone
8. Airsoft gun shooting


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