Farm Chokchai

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Farm Chokchai



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Opening Hour
Daily except Monday 09:00-17:00 hrs.

Entrance ticket
Farm tour only

Ice Cream Workshop


Khaoyai is a birthplace of abundant agro-tourism with superb atmosphere. One of the most well-known destinations in Khaoyai is Farm Chokchai, Thailand’s largest dairy farm with a long history. The tractor will take you around to see what is inside the farm, machinery museum, milking parlor, cowboy and pet show. If you are an ice cream lover, this place is a paradise for you to attend ice cream workshop. Do not miss out trying premium steak at Chokchai Steak House and grab some products from Umm!.. Milk, a brand premium dairy products under the Chokchai Farm Produce Co.,Ltd.

Farm Tour
Farm tour is organized 2 rounds on weekday and 12 rounds on weekend. Each tour is limited to 75 tourists and takes approximately 1.45 hours. No worries about the language because the guide speaks both Thai and English languages and the VCR session was conducted in Thai with English subtittles. Farm Chokchai is quite crowded especially on weekend, so you need to book in advance at least 7 days.

Tour schedule
Tuesday - Friday
10:00 hrs.
14:00 hrs.

Saturday - Sunday 
10:00 hrs.
10:20 hrs.
10:40 hrs.
11:00 hrs.
11:20 hrs.
11:40 hrs.
13:00 hrs.
13:20 hrs.
13:40 hrs.
14:00 hrs.
14:20 hrs.
14:40 hrs.

Ice Cream Workshop
Learning by doing how delicious Umm!.. Milk ice cream is made. This is an interesting program for one who love ice cream. Not only their secret recipe you will get but also 5 cups of ice cream made by yourself packed in in a foam box containing dry ice.

Chokchai Steakhouse

Farm Chokchai also has a restaurant namely Chokchai Steakhouse serving premium steak and burger. Beef steak is highly reccomend by many tourists which is incredibly soft and delicious. 



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