Old Chiangmai Kantoke Dinner Show

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Old Chiangmai Kantoke Dinner Show



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08.00 p.m. - 09.00 p.m.

Khantoke Dinner

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Have you ever experienced traditional Lanna Thai culture while having original Khantoke dinner? Old Chiangmai Khantoke Dinner is there for you! We proudly represent the precious traditional Northern Thailand – Lanna – culture through various kinds of dance, such as Fingernails Dance, Swords Dance, and Thai Lue Dance. What makes this place even more attractive is serving a savory meal in a pedestal tray. It lets you enjoy luscious dinner while watching amazing shows. You can choose your preference of seating – table seating or floor seating. Don't miss out this highly recommended attraction once in a lifetime!

Khantoke Dinner Show was originally created right here at Old Chiangmai Khantoke Dinner in 1970. Its purpose was to represent the traditional Northern Thailand, Lanna, culture. There is a variety of Thai dancing shows performed as follows:
1. The Fingernails Dance
2. The Swords Dance
3. The Shan Dance
4. The Magic Fowls Dance
5. The Flame Worshiping Yogis
6. The Celebration Dance
7. Thai Lue Dance
8. Mahn Mui Chiangta Dance
9. Tai Dance
10. The Silk-reeling Dance
11. Noi Jai Ya Dance
12. Forn Guy Lai
13. Rumwong or the Circle Dance

The shows take approximately an hour. 

Three menus offered to visitors consist of Regular menu, Halal menu, and Vegetarian menu. In addition, let's experience other interesting attractions, including Thai boxing, hill tribe shows, ancient Thai boxing, traditional Thai music, traditional Thai musical instruments, Lanna culture, craft market, restaurants, special events, and Thai boxing camp.


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